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Juicy Desire Playground

A sacred journey of celebration and shadow integration

March 3 - 5th, Österbybruk

  • Are you longing for more authenticity, connection and adventure?

  • Are you attracted by the idea of actually expressing and exploring your desires and dreams or fantasies?

  • Are you ready to embrace and let go of internalized shame and chose a path of self love and care?


It the answer is yes, please keep reading!

From tender to spicy,
from light to dark,
come explore and expand your comfortzone with us.

Consensual Relating

A big part of this weekend is focused on the joy of exploring consent and integrity.

It’s key for establishing a sense of safety in the group and for having a fertile ground to grow in. But even beyond the basic common understanding, we want to dive deep into the fun of freely asking and courageously requesting.


We want to explore the difference between a ‘Yes’ and a ‘Hell Yes!’ and take that with us in our daily decisions. As well as creating a new relationship with ‘No’.

Can a ‘No’ feel good to express?

Can caring for a boundary be pleasurable?

Juicy Desire Playground _ Weekend Retreat with Pontus Grace and Lore _ Intimate Breath _ w
Juicy Desire Playground _ Weekend Retreat with Pontus Grace and Lore _ Intimate Breath _ w


Play safe and with pleasure!

We want to create an environment where we can expand our range of sensational experiences. Through conscious kink, polarity games and the power of ritual we get to shine light on the parts of us that might be hidden in the shadows.

Instead of being ruled by them in our decision making without knowing, we can have lots of fun in learning how to play with them in awareness.


This weekend is about integrating our shadows in a light way while being gently and surely held by the group. 

We believe that this is peacework: together we can un-shame and heal old wounds that have been with us for centuries. We'll be embracing and playing with the wide spectrum of genders, abilities, ages and identities.

Juicy Desire Playground _ Weekend Retreat with Pontus Grace and Lore _ Intimate Breath _ w

"Thanks for a fantastically facilitated workshop.

I acknowledge how difficult it can be to balance the group in this kind of setting - but you really nailed it.

You managed to build a very comforting and safe space for the group.

Coming to the workshop I was a little nervous and apprehensive, but very quickly felt that the group was loving and caring."

- O




Mineralvägen, SE-748 32 Österbybruk, Sweden

HomeTree is a beautiful retreat place owned by a couple that will also be joining the weekend. It has space for 12 participants that will be divided into two multi-bed rooms.

The vegetarian food will be prepared by the amazing cook Miri. We'll take care of dietary needs.


All our offerings are queer- and cis-friendly. Any orientation and identity is welcome.


Price with food and accommodation:


- Standard: 5150 sek

- From February 10th: 5650 sek


What is included:

- Bed for Friday and Saturday night.

- Dinner on Friday, full board on Saturday and Sunday with Sunday dinner being a light take-away option for those who travel immediately home.

- More than 12 hours of facilitated group space.

- 2,5 days of enriching practices.


If money is the only thing that keeps you from joining, reach out to us.


Arrival: Friday 3/3 between 5 - 6 pm. We'll start with dinner and have the first group session in the evening.

Departure: Sunday 5/3 between 5 - 6 pm (light dinner is provided and can be taken-away).

Juicy Desire Playground _ Weekend Retreat with Pontus Grace and Lore _ Intimate Breath _ w

About the facilitators

Pontus Grace is a trained UrbanTantra guide and a licensed psychologist who believes in the transformative power of shadow play. They are an actor, conductor and teacher in improvised Playback Theatre and has been part of creating the queer and hetero inclusive idea of Planet Magic Ecstacy. Pontus Grace has worked with leadership and transformational processes in a multitude of organisations and communities globally for 20 years. Currently supporting the need for inner development as individuals and as a collective in order deal with the complex challenges of humanity.

Lore Blancke is passionate about the wisdom of the body as a gateway to a richer and more conscious life. Her mission is to support unobstructed aliveness as a source of creativity, healing and well-being.
She has a Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy and is trained in breathwork, massage, consent work, constellation work, cyclical living, authentic relating, embodied intimacy, conscious sexuality and Weflow.

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