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Polyamorous and monogamous in one person. Here is how.

Part of me wants to be your only one, your only special one, and, part of me wants you to love him, and her, and it and she, too.

I want to have the deep, devotional love with you that changes my heart and changes my life. And, I want to be open for the different kinds of love we can co-create with more than just you and me.

I want to commit to you and what we have, ’till the end of our days. I want to roll and dive and swim and almost drawn in our romance. And, I want to respect the truth of every moment and the changes that happen naturally.

I want to be unmissable and unreplacable and, I want to love consciously, own what is mine and let you own what is yours.

I want the pleasure and the joy we experience together to be completely unique and, I want to explore different tastes and colors.

These two parts live in me simultaneously and I am very busy learning how to give them both the space they want.

. . .

To me they’re both beautiful, especially when combined.


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