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Breath & Innocent Pleasure

Welcome to a breathwork-filled and pleasure-positive space.

Breath & Innocent Pleasure
Breath & Innocent Pleasure

Time & Location

07 okt 2022, 18:00 – 20:30

Östermalm, Banérgatan, Stockholm, Sweden

About the Event

Our  body has its own natural and genius mechanisms to heal. In this session  you'll be guided to access and activate this self-regulating power. The  breath works on all levels: the mental, emotional, physical and  spiritual.

The  breathwork will be combined with an exploration of the tools available:  movement, touch, sound and our mind. It'll be an embodied dynamic  meditation of continuously following what feels good. You are encouraged  to truly start listening to what your body wants and needs.

Inherently,  every sensation is neutral and our experience depends on how much we  can allow and surrender. This means you might not only find pleasure in  the stretch of your neck  and the massage of your belly, but also in the  upwelling tears or the let-out of anger.  Pleasure can look like  anything and it changes with every breath.

This event is clothed and is with full focus on you with yourself.


ABOUT SAMUEL SVÄRD: Samuel  is an experienced spaceholder and Hale Certified Breathguide who  regularly holds breathwork classes and retreats. He makes sure that  everyone feels safe and relaxed before he gently pushes us outside of  our comfort zone.

ABOUT LORE BLANCKE: Known  for her gentle yet straight-forward manner, she makes embodiment and  intimacy accessible for everyone through 1-on-1 sessions and workshops.  She is passionate about the wisdom of the body as a gateway to a richer  and more conscious life.


WHEN: Friday October 7th, 6 - 8.30 pm

WHERE: Hale Center: Banérgatan 28, 115 23 Stockholm

PRICE: sliding scale between 300 - 500 sek

PAYMENT: swish to Samuel,  0708101697

BRING: Comfi clothes, your water bottle.

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