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Feel more alive and free in your body
and juice up every area of your life!

You have the capacity to experience intimate pleasure with yourself and others at ANY TIME you like.


Love, sex, and intimacy can seem overwhelming, I know. Especially when the way it currently looks for you is *anything* but easy.


If you’re being honest, it can feel downright painful. Literally.  


  • You spend hours every day scouring the internet, reading articles, and watching YouTube videos on conscious sexuality and female arousal.

  • You do a ton of self-pleasure rituals but you’re simply NOT seeing any improvement. 

  • You’ve tried EVERYTHING, like asking your partner to help you locate your G-spot, and even consulting your gynecologist for help, but you still feel really frustrated and disconnected from your vagina.

The thing is… it doesn’t have to be this way. Every woman (and man) deserves to feel pleasure and aliveness in their sacred human body.


You can have a happy, pain-free vagina, delicious sex, and CAKE. (And eat it, too!) 


Because sex should feel like eating cake with your vagina. 


I know because this is what I do. All-day, every day.

(Not eating cake... But listening to my yoni and her subtle signals.) ;-)


When you learn to do just that, not only penetration but even menstruation can become a blissful, orgasmic experience.


This is what I’ve helped countless women (and their partners!) relax into already. 


So let’s talk about how I can help YOU too.

Lore Blancke | Work With Me |
Individual, Intimate Coaching Program | Unbound Aliveness |

Currently, there’s only one way to work with me 1:1--


my 12-week signature program,

Unbound Aliveness


Release chronic pain and numbness from your nervous system, so you can feel sensual, alive, and orgasmic any time you like: while having sex (alone or with a lover), while menstruating, or while enjoying a delicious meal. There’s no limit to how much pleasure you can experience. 


Over twelve weeks, we meet once a week online and dig deep. You’ll learn how to connect and converse with your body, so SHE will share her deepest secrets with you. Once you learn to speak your body’s language, your relationship with your physical vessel will never be the same again. 


You are wired for pleasure, and I’ll show you how to access it.

In less than 75 minutes. (That’s how long a typical session takes.) 

I’m trained in breathwork, trauma-release, tantra, and constellations. However, I tune in to each individual client’s needs, and no two consultations are ever the same. 


My unique style is the result of over three years of working with hundreds of women, couples, and men, and seeing the recurring issues that arise when dealing with misconceived sexuality, ignored needs (for a slower pace, feeling seen, and experiencing safety), as well as overridden signals from within (all from our deepest fear of not being good enough!). 


I help you overcome these patterns in the most compassionate, loving way possible, so you can appreciate what true intimacy *actually* feels like.

Intimacy & Embodiment Coaching | Explore More |

Imagine waking up every morning feeling grateful and excited to have a body that nourishes you with aliveness, joy, and pleasure because you have the guidance you need to create a loving, intimate relationship with HER that is your birthright. 


Are you ready for a pain-free yoni and new, deeper orgasms (even when you’re not having sex)?

Here’s how to secure your spot:


  • Click the Sign-Up button to get in touch. 


  • You’ll be directed to a contact form to share your story. You can let me know what time works for you to connect for a 30-mins FREE consultation to determine if we’re a good fit.


  • If we decide to work together, I'll offer you two different options that are fully custom-designed to your unique needs and longings.


Only 3 spots left this month.

What people say about me...

"What you can do by just helping a person feel their own body, is undescribable.

I always looked forward to our meetings. You helped me deal with issues that have been troubling me for years, the biggest one being grief and loss. You gave me guidance to handle these feelings.

Every week we grew closer together and you gave me tips and tools to integrate in my every day life. I started listening to myself and to my body and when a challenge arose, I just imagined what you would do in that situation. 

Life still feels hard for me sometimes and I'm sure more difficult moments will come, but now I can truly check in with myself and see what is needed. Because of you, I always stayed with half of the medication I would otherwise have taken - I am so grateful for that!"

- Daphni Peire

Testimonials | Unbound Aliveness Coaching Program |
Testimonials | Unbound Aliveness Coaching Program | Working With Me |

"My life has been transformed.

Thank you, Lore, for everything you’ve done for me. Truly. I was treating myself quite harshly before you guided me through a quiet conversation with a part of myself that needed loving awareness. I was healed by the gentleness of your voice, the kindness of your being, the way you compassionately explored what I was unable or unwilling to look at since I was quite young. You are a gifted healer with a talent for helping people who have been hurt by early trauma and unable to experience life the way they did before the trauma."

- Neil Bond

Stop ignoring the wisdom of your body. 

Because you deserve a life full of pleasure and relationships you love. 


1. Release vaginal pain and numbness.

2. Have deeper, better orgasms. 

3. Experience more satisfying relationships.