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Praise & Testimonials | Intimate Breath |

Vaishnavi Brassey

I am consistently blown away by Lore.


Clarity and simplicity mark her presence, a grounded, loving awareness in which all the complexity, chaos, and drama melts away.


She holds space with quiet, gentle tenderness, and brings forth her wise insight or powerful honesty only and exactly when needed. She's playful and wild, too. I'm deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to be held by Lore.


Flor Van Essche

What you do, is so incredibly beautiful! ​

You really take the time to land together, to create a feeling of togetherness. A safe feeling, that only grows as the sessions continue. The way you can name and hand over things is astonishing me each time.

So much changed since the beginning of this year, in a good way. I am learning to choose for myself now and keep on checking in with myself whether something feels good or not.

Every time a session ends, I gathered new wisdom and I already look forward to the next meeting!

Neil | Praise & Testimonials | Intimate Breath |

Neil Bond

My life has been transformed.

Thank you, Lore, for everything you’ve done for me. Truly. I was treating myself quite harshly before you guided me through a quiet conversation with a part of myself that needed loving awareness. I was healed by the gentleness of your voice, the kindness of your being, the way you compassionately explored what I was unable or unwilling to look at since I was quite young. You are a gifted healer with a talent for helping people who have been hurt by early trauma and unable to experience life the way they did before the trauma.

Kathleen _ Praise & Testimonials _ Intimate Breath _


Working with Lore is simply wonderful.

She is kind, persistent, and she creates a space where sharing your innermost wounds, triumphs, and disasters feels completely safe. In all my sessions with Lore I felt cherished, challenged, and truly held. Lore helped me to settle deeper and deeper into my body and to really listen to what it has to say. The techniques she taught me really empower me to stay true to who I am and whenever I feel shakey, I turn to those techniques to find my balance.


I´m also ecstatic to share an important milestone: I have been orgasming during partner sex for the first time in 1,5 years. To me it´s abundantly clear that this is another beautiful ripple from our sessions together. I keep on reaping the benefits.

Sarah _ Praise & Testimonials _ Intimate Breath _

Sarah Van Eetvelde

Thank you for creating such an intimate, safe space. 


It’s magical to feel how energy reaches beyond the physical; I could feel the sparks of fire through Zoom! In previous bodywork sessions, I’d already experienced energy flowing in and around my body, but the breathwork gives it a whole new dimension. I still feel the tingling sensations, as if I am charging and releasing at once. Your voice helped me relax enormously. It feels as though my body receives the instructions knowing that it’s safe to let go. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Daphni _ Praise & Testimonials _ Intimat

Daphni Peire

What you can do by just helping a person feel their own body, is undescribable.

I always looked forward to our meetings. You helped me deal with issues that have been troubling me for years, the biggest one being grief and loss. You gave me guidance to handle these feelings.

Every week we grew closer together and you gave me tips and tools to integrate in my every day life. I started listening to myself and to my body and when a challenge arose, I just imagined what you would do in that situation. 

Life still feels hard for me sometimes and I'm sure more difficult moments will come, but now I can truly check in with myself and see what is needed. Because of you, I always stayed with half of the medication I would otherwise have taken - I am so grateful for that!

Praise & Testimonials _ Intimate Breath _
"It’s easy to say that communication is good, but Lore has helped me explore, and truly feel, how it can really deepen emotional and sexual connection.

Most of all, my sessions with Lore have made me trust in that I know what my intimate needs are and that I have the right to communicate them even when they differ from what others might want. And that to do so in a good way, respecting what others might need, can also be sexy."


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