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za 29 mei


7-Week Online Live Course


Access your cycle superpowers: blissful bleeding, limitless creativity and womb-wise working.

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Time & Location

29 mei 2021, 10:00 – 12:00 CEST

7-Week Online Live Course

About the Event

Is this you?

When you hear 'menstruation', all you hear is 'headaches, cramps and pains'. In your time of bleeding, you feel powerless.

The  only emotional cycle you recognize, is the one of premenstrual  self-hatred and mood swings. You don't know how to handle the intense  frustration that sometimes arises 'out of nowhere' towards your partner.

You  might feel easily overwhelmed around (pre-)ovulation, wanting to do  everything at once and ending up in a heady chaos. You struggle with  procrastination despite all intentions.

You are curious to get off hormonal birth control, but don't know where to go from here.

Or  maybe you are familiar with the female cycle, but you are ready for the  next layer of more pleasure, creativity and a womb-wise lifestyle.

Sweetheart, it's time to take back what's yours!

In this program you'll learn:

- The magic gift that lies in every of your four seasons. 

- How to read your body's signs as messages for better self-care and optimal health. 

- How to track your cycle in a way that really works for your lifestyle. 

- How to use your cycle as a genius support system to navigate how you bring your gift to your work. 

- What PMS is telling you. 

- How to track your own fertility: read your mucus, temperature, cervical position and more. 

- About your (cervical) hidden pleasures. 

- How to plan your calendar cycle-wise so you can become the best partner, lover, mother and creator you can be. 

- How your cycle can support you to embrace your own sexuality and pleasure. 

- How to engage your male partner(s) in this journey. 

- And so much more....

As a bonus:

 - Natural fertility resources. 

- Menarche celebration: claim back your first bleed as an initiation into womanhood. 

- Womb talk: lend her a voice and start listening. 

- Fun ways to celebrate your cycle and your blood.


I  come from a time where I felt embarrassed of my own smell and fluids. I tried to hide my bodies' changes and damned my 'unstable' energy level. I got the message that I shouldn’t look forward to getting my period.  As a result, I kept my first bleeding as a secret from everybody. For years, my menstruation’s arrival used to surprise me and the rest of my  cycle was hidden in the shadows.

Since  I started cycle-awareness, my experience of my own body and my creativity changed COMPLETELY. It's hard to imagine my world now without  the clear, valuable signals of my fertility, guiding me to navigate my  work life and allowing me to experience my sexuality in the best  imaginable way. My cycle is my ultimate friend and my favorite ally in  whatever it is I want to accomplish in my life.

This  course is created for you to reclaim your full cycle-potential in the  most enjoyable way. I packaged for you all information I gathered over  the past years and you'll be guided step by step to integrate and live  the magic. I believe your womb is your power and portal to your unique  brilliance. I can't wait for you to be in awe of your own cycle discoveries.

What the course includes:

- 6 live calls full of juiciness; 

- Downloadable recordings of the live calls; 

- A 1-on-1 session to tackle that one challenge that keeps on returning no matter what you try; 

- 7 weeks of togetherness; 

- Space for questions; 

- Guided embodiment practices; 

- START NOW ALREADY: register before March 31th and immediately schedule your extra FREE 1-on-1 session.

My love, you don't have to do it alone.

This course starts on the 29-05-2021. Join today and receive a free one-on-one session to be booked right away. (Early bird ends 31-03)

Now for €437

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