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Near Skärmarbrink

(SOLD OUT) The Pleaser's Pleasure (workshop) & Sensual Play Party

Transform Your Intimate Pleasing into Empowered Loving

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(SOLD OUT) The Pleaser's Pleasure (workshop) & Sensual Play Party
(SOLD OUT) The Pleaser's Pleasure (workshop) & Sensual Play Party

Time & Location

16 mrt 2024, 12:00 – 22:30 CET

Near Skärmarbrink, 121 47 Johanneshov, Sweden

About the Event

Are you someone who often finds themselves guessing what your partner wants sidelining your own desires in intimate moments?

Do you tend to prioritize your partner's pleasure in seek of love or approval?

If this resonates with you 'The Pleaser's Pleasure' is a workshop crafted with you in mind.

In  this space we'll playfully explore our 'pleasing kink' – that deep urge  to always put others first. It's a chance to laugh and uncover the hidden joys in our eagerness to give without judgment.

But  we go deeper. We'll equip you with tools to shift this dynamic. Learn  to pause tune into your needs and find balance. It's about transforming  pleasing from self-forgetfulness to mutual joy.

This  workshop is for those who often sideline their desires. Whether it's a  familiar pattern or a new realization you'll find a supportive  environment here. We'll navigate intimacy with humor a little kink and  lots of care.

No experience needed. Just bring an open  heart ready to move from self-sacrificing pleasing to empowered loving.  Every 'Yes' and 'No' is valued here in a space where your choices are  celebrated.

Get ready to laugh learn and grow. This  workshop isn't just about growth; it's about rediscovering the pleasure  in pleasing balanced with honoring your own needs.

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After  exploring and transforming our 'pleasing kinks' in the workshop the  journey doesn't end there. We'll transition into the enriching world of  the Sensual Play Party.

This unique gathering offers  you a realm to delve into your sensual fantasies engage in tantalizing  tantric meditations or simply relax with a comforting cup of tea and  delicious chocolate – the choice is entirely yours. It’s a space where  lots can happen yet nothing needs to happen allowing you to flow with  your newfound awareness and desires.

During this inviting and respectful event we foster sensual and erotic connections within the boundary of keeping underwear on.

It's  an opportunity to get creative with your expressions of sensuality in a  nurturing environment. 

Join us for this  delightful conclusion to our workshop – a Sensual Play Party where you  can experiment unwind and celebrate your empowered self in the company  of those who share your journey of self-discovery and joy.


✦ Schedule ✦

12.00 - 14.30 Workshop


15.00 - 17.30 Workshop

Break - dinner & dress-up

19.30 - 22.30 Sensual Play Party

Aside from the beginning and closing time the times might slightly vary as we go.


✦ Additional info: ✦

  • You can arrive from 11.40.
  • The doors close at 12 pm SO BE IN TIME. We finish together at 22.30.
  • You will receive an email for more practical information and updates. So please sign up properly with your best email.
  • Your  creativity as well as your special quirky sides are welcome here. What  part of yourself do you want to express more or try out living more?
  • Our event celebrates all gender identities maintaining a balanced representation through our ticketing system.
  • Bring along toys or ropes if they amplify your pleasure during the evening play party.

We are LGBTQIIA+ informed $lut-friendly trauma-informed and (non-)monogamy informed.



For those who can't have too much information:


Well  dear one you are bringing your own dinner. That makes the ticket prices  as well as diet preferences simple! We will provide tea water and  snacks.


You can wear  whatever makes you feel comfortable during the workshop. That counts for  the play party as well however here comfort might be less priority for  you. What clothes support you in celebrating yourself that day? Whether  you go for cozy pyjamas a latex kinky dress or anything in between you  can express yourself however you want.

Or bring different options so you can choose at the moment!


You  find that info in the ticket shop. There is a limited amount of budget  tickets meant for people with limited financial resources. We trust you  to choose the ticket that fits your situation.


We  want to include everyone whatever your gender or identification is.  That means there’s space for everyone without one group getting  overrepresented. Therefore there are tickets for people who identify  themselves as male female and other. (We realize that there are many  gender identities outside the binary norms. For practical reasons we  have summarized them as a category ‘other’ on the ticket sales pages.)  Please only buy a ticket that represents your gender – and not any other  ticket.


It  simply means that for this day anyone who is joining is choosing for a  shared space where explorations and interactions happen without  intercourse - so with underpants on / genitals covered. Within that  set-up anything can happen within consent!


Yes  you can bring anything that increases your experience or your  curiosity! Think: blindfolds floggers feathers ropes leash paddle ... If  you bring massage oil make sure to also bring additional towels.


Tickets  for workshops and events consisting of an evening or full day can be  cancelled until 7 days before the event. The ticket price will be refunded minus 50 sek admin fee. Requests for cancellation within 7 days  before the event will not be accredited and tickets will not be  refunded. Tickets may be sold to another person for the same price as  the ticket was originally acquired respecting the gender of the ticket.


Then  you don’t. We will never push you to do anything nor to do anything  with anyone. You can come decide to keep all your clothes on and not  touch anyone – and that’s perfect. You can also always sit out an  exercise.

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