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Liberation Into Bliss | Weekend Retreat | Intimate Breath |

Liberation Into Bliss

Roesbrugge, Belgium | March 24 - 26th

How much would your life change if you felt free to express yourself?

Welcome to the space where anything can happen but nothing has to happen.


  • Find more joy in every day life.

  • Transform shame to confidence.

  • Feel more free in your body.

An intentional playground for you to explore feeling more free
in your body and yourself.

Liberation Into Bliss _ Weekend Retreat _ Belgium _ Intimate Breath _ www.intimate-breath.

Meet & Connect


We set the tone for the whole weekend in a playful and embodied way. You get to experience how to create an agreed way of being with each other in a group. Introducing consent is one of the key topics here!

How do we form a culture where everyone can thrive and grow in expression? You get the full support to create a strong sense of safety.

Juicy Genitals Day


Saturday is focused on exploring your relationship with your own erotic body.

You get to be in a space that allows you to connect with the powerful qualities your genitals hold.

Liberation Into Bliss _ Weekend Retreat _ Belgium _ Intimate Breath _ www.intimate-breath.
Liberation Into Bliss _ Weekend Retreat _ Belgium _ Intimate Breath _ www.intimate-breath.

Temple Day


A temple is a space where intimacy and sexuality can be explored consciously, without any expectation of what should happen. On Sunday, you get the chance to engage with yourself and others from these new places that woke up inside you. It allows you to access more of your inner authority.

We'll have a lot of time to integrate and slow down. The focus is on attunement and curiosity to what wants to emerge through real connection.

Instead of this just being an experience that stops when you drive home, we want this to be a weekend that creates a tangible shift in your life.

Consent & Safety

Valuing integrity

Everything is always an invitation and your No is as much celebrated as your Yes. With Wheel Of Consent at the basis, we create a free choice in every moment.

Nudity is allowed but always optional.

Mind that by joining this event, you agree that others around you might be naked during certain practices.

Your Daily Love Letter _ Intimate Stories _

"What I am taking home with me is that actually there is one person responsible for my pleasure, and it's me.

I discovered this weekend that I like to be that person."



Liberation Into Bliss _ Weekend Retreat _ Belgium _ Intimate Breath _ www.intimate-breath.
Liberation Into Bliss _ Weekend Retreat _ Belgium _ Intimate Breath _ www.intimate-breath.

What more to expect...

  • Powerful practices to feel at home in your body.

  • A strong sense of togetherness without having to conform yourself.

  • Dance breaks!

  • People like you who long for deep, meaningful intimacy with themselves and others.

  • Liberating practices that help you access more of the aliveness that's always available to you.

  • Calm and slowness, integration and alone time (yes, introvert, you are welcome too!).

  • Exploring nudity and letting go of body-shame.

  • As bonus: a follow-up group call after our yummy weekend gathering!




De Korte Lindehoeve
Korte Lindestraat 2, 8972 Roesbrugge

The course is in a private house with an additional building that serves as workshop space. The place has plenty of rooms each for 3 or 4 people.

Food will be prepared with love by a former baker and an excellent cook. Everything fresh and handmade - we'll take care of dietery needs.

Date & Time

Arrival: Friday 24/3 between 1 - 2.30 pm. Opening of the course: 3 pm.

Departure: Sunday 26/3 between 5 - 6 pm (light dinner is provided and can be taken-way).


Between 12 - 16 participants.

To take care of a variety of genders, feel invited to sign up with someone of another gender.

All my offerings are queer-friendly. Any orientation and identity is welcome.


Early bird until December 15th: €437
Standard ticket: €487

From March 1st: €537



Included in the price:

  • Bed for Friday and Saturday night.

  • Dinner on Friday, full board Saturday and Sunday with Sunday dinner being a light take-away option for those who travel immediately home.

  • More than 12 hours of facilitated group spaces.

  • 2,5 days with enriching practices.


The course is in English by default and can be in Dutch if all participants agree.

Liberation Into Bliss | Sweden | Weekend Retreat | Intimate Breath |

About the facilitator

Lore Blancke is passionate about the wisdom of the body as a gateway to a richer and more conscious life. Her mission is to support unobstructed aliveness as a source of creativity, healing and well-being.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy and is trained in personal development, breathwork, massage, consent work, constellation work, cyclical living, authentic relating, embodied intimacy, conscious sexuality and Weflow.

Liberation Into Bliss _ Weekend Retreat _ Belgium _ Intimate Breath _ www.intimate-breath.

“Liberation into Bliss was a very enriching experience. The course was beautifully worked out: safe, in-depth and confronting. There were frequently sharing circles and evaluation of the personal process.

Lore is an honest, very committed, wonderful teacher, deeply human, compassionate and has a good eye for both individual and group dynamics.

Don't let her young age fool you: she really owns this, as if she's been doing this for decades. And she's a wonderful person. We were both touched by her deep humanity, her ability to listen and analyze, her courage and daring.

She guides from out of her own raw honesty in which she shows the human vulnerability, as an oh so powerful and beautiful being.


The multi-day experience of Liberation into Bliss has brought us a lot as a couple. Very grateful for this. An absolute must!”

— Stefaan Loncke

“I am so so grateful that things like this are spread in the world. There's such a need for this (tears).

Personally, what I take home is the strength to set my boundaries and to please myself in the first place instead of others. That's something I didn't learn earlier, my whole childhood existed of pleasing others. It is a real lesson to place myself first. The build-up in this workshop was so beautiful and it's such an enrichment and brings growth in our partnership, in friendship, everywhere.
The part that I found most beautiful was the mindful masturbation, both the witnessing as the masturbating. There is so much to learn and to grow in this area and it was very beautiful. When I was cuddling with the people of my triad afterwards, it felt to me like we were one body. So beautiful, I am overflowing of gratitude.”

— Cin

Liberation Into Bliss _ Weekend Retreat _ Belgium _ Intimate Breath _ www.intimate-breath.
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