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The Liberation 6-Month Journey _ Sweden _ Erotic Freedom & Conscious Connection _ Intimate

The Liberation
6-Month Journey

A Deep Dive into Erotic Freedom and Conscious Connection

Welcome to a unique, six-month transformative journey that weaves together self-exploration, erotic freedom, and deep communal connection. This immersive experience is designed to guide you through a profound exploration of your innermost desires and uncharted territories of your being.

  • Erotic Innocence Rediscovered:
    Play with the many shades of your sensual innocence – it's more than just a memory.


  • Re-scripting Romance:
    Boldly rewrite your narratives of love and desire, from the tender to the tantalizing.


  • Body Talk:
    Reconnect with your body as a sensual guide and as your home, that can function as your inner navigation system.


  • Redefine Relationships:
    Step into healthier, more vibrant ways of connecting – and let it ripple to every area of your life.


  • Yes and No – Sexy Consent:
    Play with the power of 'yes' and the strength of 'no' – each a testament to your self-love and embodied autonomy.

  • Growing in Togetherness:
    Venture into the vibrancy of group dynamics, where being un-apologetically yourself sparks confidence.


  • Sexual Empowerment:
    Ask for what you really want and take more ownership of the reality you create.


  • Emotional Alchemy:
    Master the art of self- and co-regulation, transforming emotional tides into waves of well-being.


  • Dive into Desire:
    Uncover your own fire and depth in an environment that breathes love and acceptance.


  • Healing through Hedonism:
    Discover how play and pleasure aren't just fun – they're transformative forces for healing and expansion.

2024 Dates in Sweden


This is a 6-month journey containing 3 in-person weekend modules with additional weekly online group calls.


Module One: June 28-30
Liberation Into Bliss

Module Two: August 23 - 25
The Sacred Desire Playground

Module Three: October 25 - 27
Deepening - Shadow and light

More info on the modules below.

The 6-month Liberation Journey _ A Deep Dive into Erotic Freedom and Conscious Connection

"This is an opportunity for deep healing through playfulness, desire and conscious kink. And it's very, very safe, you listen to what you want and everything is possible."

"This contained so much more depth than I could imagine, this is really peacework."


"I am so so grateful that this gets spread in the world, it is so needed. The build-up was beautiful and it brings immense enrichment and growth in my partnership, my friendships and everywhere I go."


"What I am taking home with me is that actually there is one person responsible for my pleasure, and it's me.

I discovered that I like to be that person."


Journey Outline

Module 1 -
Liberation Into Bliss

Dive into a weekend where you are tenderly guided to connect with your erotic body in a fresh and innocent manner. As the weekend unfolds, we'll bravely transition into a temple space, a communal haven where (self-)intimacy, self-expression and eroticism are welcomed intentionally. Embrace the freedom where anything can happen, yet nothing is a necessity, fostering a culture of mutual respect, freedom, and celebration of individuality.

Module 2 -
The Sacred Desire Playground

Building upon the first meeting, step into a space where your deepest desires and possible underlying shame gets to be explored lovingly and playfully. Engage in conscious kink, polarity practices, and impact play, creating more space for those parts of you that have been living away from the daylight. This weekend promises a deeper connection with your longings that both challenges and invigorates your core, all within a nurturing group dynamic.

Module 3 -
Deepening: Shadow And Light

For our final weekend, we attune to the unique needs of our assembled group. Delving deeper, we embrace shadow work mirrored by the tribe, potentially discovering facets of ourselves that others perceive but we might overlook. The hidden, the beautiful and the confronting, what happens if we uncover more of who we - also - are. Within this brave and warm space, we'll explore, celebrate, and perhaps even challenge these hidden aspects.


Between the weekends

Enhance your journey with weekly online calls, including biweekly sessions guided by Lore and self-practiced sessions with prompts. This continuous engagement fosters deeper integration and connection within the group.

The venue: Rasbo Kursgård

Located in the serene setting near Uppsala, Rasbo Kursgård provides the perfect backdrop for our journey. Its cozy accommodations, natural surroundings, and private spaces create an ideal environment for intimate exploration and connection.

Every weekend includes accommodation in one of the double rooms available in the house.



Join us for three transformative weekends in 2024: June 28-30, August 23-25, and October 25-27.


  • Super Early Bird: 14,400 SEK
    until 10/02

  • Early Bird: 15,300 SEK
    until 10/04

  • Standard Price: 16,200 SEK

Prices include food, accommodation and course fee.
VAT is included for private individuals and excluded for companies and organizations.

The food entails delicious chef-prepared meals each day. We’ll begin our nourishment with a dinner on Friday and end with lunch and, if you want, some late afternoon snacks on Sunday before departure.

You can pay in installments: we can discuss a tailored payment plan for you if needed.

Free Class _ Yummy Pelvic Floor Yoga _

About the facilitator

Lore Blancke is passionate about the wisdom of the body as a gateway to a richer and more conscious life. Her mission is to support unobstructed aliveness as a source of creativity, healing and well-being.
She has a Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy and is trained in breathwork, massage, consent work, constellation work, cyclical living, authentic relating, embodied intimacy and Weflow.
You can read more about her here.

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