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Say Goodbye To Vaginal Pain or Numbness | Work With Me |

Feel more alive and free in your body
and juice up every area of your life!

You have the capacity to experience intimate pleasure with yourself and others at ANY TIME you like.

I am curious….

  • How do you feel about your intimate life?
    Are you experiencing the fulfillment, playfulness and pleasure I wish for you?


  • Have you been trying to bring more connection and confidence in your relationships, but felt stuck along the way?

  • Would you like to create a new relationship with your own body? 

I know how it is to have painful sex

I know how hard it can be to voice when something doesn’t feel good anymore.

And I know how it is to feel completely lost in relationships.


The thing is… it doesn’t have to be this way.

Everyone deserves to feel ease and aliveness in their sacred human body!

I’ve helped many people of all genders to relax into their pleasure bodies and have seen the big impact it has on their overall life. 

Your turn-ons can guide you towards more fulfillment, intimacy and creativity.

So if you feel a spark, let’s talk...

Feel More Alive & Free _ Embodiment and Sexuality _ Intimate Breath _ www.intimate-breath.
Individual, Intimate Coaching Program | Unbound Aliveness |

Currently, there’s only one way to work with me 1:1--


my 12-week signature program,

Unbound Aliveness


You might feel like it’s time for you to feel more free in your body, so you can feel sensual and alive any time you like: while having solo- or partner-sex, or while enjoying a delicious meal. 

What if enjoying yourself is the greatest gift you can give to the people around you?

I can help you overcome deep-rooted patterns in the most loving and compassionate way, so you get to create the life you desire.

So what does that look like?

Over 3 months, we meet once a week online and dig deep. Through lots of experiential practices you’ll learn how to connect with your body’s potential.

The program is custom-tailored to your unique needs and desires and I’ll help you integrate it into your daily life. 

Everything you need is already inside of you.

You are wired for pleasure.

I’m trained in breathwork, trauma-release, tantra, and constellations. However, I tune in to each individual client’s needs, and no two consultations are ever the same. 


My unique style is the result of over three years of working with hundreds of women, couples, and men, and seeing the recurring issues that arise when dealing with misconceived sexuality, ignored needs (for a slower pace, feeling seen, and experiencing safety), as well as overridden signals from within (all from our deepest fear of not being good enough!). 


I help you overcome these patterns in the most compassionate, loving way possible, so you can appreciate what true intimacy *actually* feels like.

Intimacy & Embodiment Coaching | Explore More |

Liberate your erotic self, while

... improving your health with ease.
... getting more flow in your work and purpose.
... relating with more depth and lightness.
... AND having a hell of fun along the way!


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