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Liberation Into Bliss | Weekend Retreat | Sweden | Intimate Breath |

Liberation Into Bliss

Stjärnsund, Sweden| September 16-18th

How much would your life change if you felt free to express yourself?

Welcome to the space where anything can happen but nothing has to happen.


  • How much more enjoyment would you invite into everyday life?

  • Would you like to transform shame and shyness to confidence?

  • How freeing would it be to follow your authentic impulses?

An intentional playground for you to explore feeling more free
in your body and yourself.

Liberation Into Bliss | Weekend Retreat | Sweden | Intimate Breath |

Meet & Connect


We set the tone for the whole weekend in a playful and embodied way. You get to experience how to create an agreed way of being with each other in a group. Introducing consent is one of the key topics here!

How do we form a culture where everyone can thrive and grow in expression? You get the full support to create a strong sense of safety.

Juicy Genitals Day


Saturday is focused on exploring your relationship with your own erotic body.

You get to be in a space that allows you to connect with the powerful qualities your genitals hold.

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Liberation Into Bliss _ Sweden _

Temple Day


A temple is a space where intimacy and sexuality can be explored consciously, without any expectation of what should happen. On Sunday, you get the chance to engage with yourself and others from these new places that woke up inside you. It allows you to access more of your inner authority.

We'll have a lot of time to integrate and slow down. The focus is on attunement and curiosity to what wants to emerge through real connection.

Instead of this just being an experience that stops when you drive home, we want this to be a weekend that creates a tangible shift in your life.

Consent & Safety

Valuing integrity

Everything is always an invitation and your No is as much celebrated as your Yes. With Wheel Of Consent at the basis, we create a free choice in every moment.

Nudity is allowed but always optional.

Mind that by joining this event, you agree that others around you might be naked during certain practices.

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In the temple you can
experiment with:

  • Feeling free to show up for your impulses
    and request what you want.


  • Feeling free to sink into your own inner experience (and not engage with others).

  • Feeling free to be playful and curious.

  • Feeling free to want or not want, to do or not do.

  • Feeling free to check assumptions - let's stop guessing and question our fixed ideas about others and ourselves.

What more to expect...

  • Powerful practices to feel at home in your body.

  • A strong sense of togetherness.

  • Dance breaks!

  • People like you who long for deep, meaningful intimacy with themselves and others.

  • Liberating practices that help you access more of the aliveness that's always available to you.

  • Calm and slowness, integration and alone time (yes, introvert, you are welcome too!).

  • Exploring nudity and letting go of body-shame.

  • A sauna session at a beautiful lake.

  • As bonus: a follow-up group call after our yummy weekend gathering!

Liberation Into Bliss _ Sweden _
Liberation Into Bliss _ Weekend Retreat _ Sweden _ Intimate Breath _


Who is this for?

Any human between 18 and 99 years old.

You can bring a friend, partner or lover, or come by yourself.

All my offerings are queer-friendly. Any orientation and identity is welcome.


We’ll be in my home village Stjärnsund, which is 2,5 hours driving north from Stockholm. It’s a beautiful place on the countryside surrounded by two lakes. Expect curvy roads, rustic houses and lots of autumn-colours all around us.

Our course house Fridhem provides a cozy wooden-floor workshop space and organic vegetarian/vegan food prepared with love. You have the choice between a private, double or multiple beds room.


If you come by public transport, we can arrange pick-ups from station in Hedemora for a very doable price.

There’s the possiblity to book extra nights if you wish.


Max. 14 participants.

To take care of a variety of genders, feel invited to sign up with someone of another gender.


Price for accommodation for the two nights:

1900 sek for single room

1600 sek for double room

1400 sek for multi-bed room


Swished or cash to the chef for full board meals:

950 sek

(A light dinner Sunday night is included with possibility to take-away for travelers.)


For the course:

Early bird until June 10th: 1470 sek

Normal ticket price: 2070 sek

From September: 2570 sek

If money is the only thing that keeps you from joining, reach out to me.



Arrival: Friday 16/09 between 1 - 2.30 pm.

Opening of the course: 3 pm.

Departure: Sunday 18/09 between 5 - 7 pm (light dinner is provided with possibility of take-way).

Liberation Into Bliss | Sweden | Weekend Retreat | Intimate Breath |

About the facilitator

Lore Blancke is passionate about the wisdom of the body as a gateway to a richer and more conscious life. Her mission is to support unobstructed aliveness as a source of creativity, healing and well-being.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy and is trained in personal development, breathwork, massage, consent work, constellation work, cyclical living, authentic relating, embodied intimacy, conscious sexuality and Weflow.

Forest Stream

“I am grateful for the non-judgemental space. Everyone is different and everything is okay. We can wear whatever we want and we could be naked if we want and that’s a relief.


The two best things for me were the circle of appreciation, where I felt so much warmth and love. And the afternoon with the self-pleasure journey was very expansive for my own experience.”

— Cecilia


“I will bring with me the recognition that I can be the source of my own self-love and self-pleasure. The knowing that I can be enough to myself.


And how amazing the body is, how much pleasure there is in so many things. The greatest pleasure of this afternoon was listening to the music so deeply, and I need a body to do that.

— Hanna

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