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A tribal love story

There is something I want to share with you and I find it challenging to write about.

The essence of my story is I had a totally new experience that filled me up and brought to light a deep desire that I didn’t even know I had.

It’s about trival loving. I am part of a team of people who have all gone deep with each other through intimacy work and community building. There is a true heart connection and deep caring between all of us.

I feel loved to the core in a group that feels like one organism at times.

WHAT’S EVEN MORE SPECIAL for me is that sexuality is included and welcomed. Whenever sexual attraction arises, the whole group is informed whether it is acted upon or not. It’s not a taboo or shame. It’s either celebrated outright or welcomed with sharing impact and feedback.

The field of permission

My self-expression has never been so whole. I feel free to express myself in how I use my voice and how I move through space. My little girl feels completely accepted. And so does my wild animal and my wide-open heart.

I flourish in a field of permission where I can love whoever the fck I want. My heart is happy, my belly dances, my hips are alive.

I feel much more complete as a sexual being who feels safe inside this group and starts to play.

I have fallen in love with the tribe rather than any one individual.

Intimate Breath as a movement

To give some context, I have always explored non-monogamy. I call the people who are close to me “intimates”. Friends, lovers, sometimes either, both or something in between. I have always had fantasies about the people I love meeting each other. I imagine my parents meeting my intimates. Or my partner really likes a lover.

My vision is to create this kind of love network around me. I get teary-eyed imagining this more in my daily life.

I WANT INTIMATE BREATH to become a movement, a tribal experience.

I call in participants who want more than just an experience. I call in assistants who want to work together toward a shared vision. I call in loving collaborators to create a juicy web of love, activism and intimacy. I am here, ready for a next sweet revolution of togetherness.

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