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Best Life Partner I Ever Had

Do you know your Turn On - Turn Off switch?

I bet you know the sense of being in your element. The feeling of being lit on,

fired up,

plugged in.

When being alive excites you and it's easy to feel grateful.

You are turned on.

This is about my top priority romantic and sexual relationship. With Life.

I can't tell you what a difference it makes to be in love with my primary partner, Life

and to have all my juices flowing with her.

How do I notice my Turn Off?

It shows up as being uninspired. My creative outflow stops - nothing to write, nothing to do, no one to message from an inspired impulse.

I stop recognizing my own inner beauty. I can't see the colors of my vast heart or the bubbles in my belly.

When I turn off I ask myself:

  • What do I need from myself right now?

  • What does a supportive environment look like for me?

  • Which people have a positive impact on what's most important to me?

As in all relationships, I've noticed it's vital that I keep on recognizing my partner Life for the little and bigger presents I receive. I can't forget to express my love to her and to spend quality time with her, fully enjoying ourselves.

As in all relationships, I need to have clarity in what I want,

so she knows how she can meet me and co-create with me.

When I am turned on by Life,

there's a continuous outflow of love, care, creativity, expression

and inflow, receiving back, that gives me pleasure and celebration

and increasing amounts of energy to just keep on going.

Together. With Life.

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