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Say “Yes!” to
Unbound Aliveness and

Sizzling Intimacy
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Are you longing for wild intimacy, loving touch, and meaningful relationships?

You’ve come to the right place, my love!

I’m Lore (a Belgian name, you pronounce it like Lori but with an “ə” at the end); and I’m here to help you breathe with sensual pleasure in an open body, express your sparkling creativity, and feel supported and guided by your inner authority. Because you deserve to be the sovereign leader of your one precious life.

How do I know? We share the same longing.

Let’s get to know each other better.

The Liberation Journey _ Three in-person weekends in Sweden _ Intimate Breath _ www.intima

The Liberation Journey | Sweden

Three transformative in-person weekends in nature's soothing embrace.


Each gathering is building on the next, to cultivate a culture of safety and consent. This journey invites you to expand your comfort zones, grounding you in self-assurance and paving the way for growth in your relationships and erotic self.


Experience the power of community as we explore and grow together, creating a foundation for confidence and personal evolution.

Feel free & alive in your body | Intimate Breath |

Discover the dance of deep connection

Do you feel like there's a deeper intimacy and connection awaiting you in relationships, one that feels just out of reach?

If intimacy feels like a challenging puzzle, you're not alone.


I am drawing from a diverse background in osteopathy, breathwork, and human sexuality. I've dedicated my journey to understanding and embracing the healing power of embodied liberation. I believe it's your birthright to be deeply connected - with yourself, others, and the Earth's innate rhythms. Dive deeper into my story and mission to discover the pleasures and profound truths that your body holds.

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