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Oops, did I misbehave?

Oops, did I misbehave or color outside the lines? Did I look too much like I enjoyed myself and my own body? Did I search too much connection, or did my little girl play too freely?

Is my seductrice too showy? My emotional openness with too much tears? Did I undress too quickly, comfortable in my own skin?

I think it is damn time to be too much. To behave completely over the top. To rise beyond what you allowed yourself. Maybe, it is now to boldly misbehave and to very inappropriately look straight into those eyes.

It is time to embody the cathedral that you are. Shake your hips if you want to. Flirt if you feel like it. Enjoy dressing sexy and liking yourself for it.

I declare the era of permission to be bold, to behave free, to act wild.

Let's take of the mask of the good girl. Without protest or 'anti'-movements. Without fight or blame or guilt.

Just taking back the power between our legs. The wisdom of the self-pleasure. The freedom of the hips. The beauty of our own bellies and breasts.

Women helping women to step into unapologetically being in pleasure. Moving and dancing with proud. Women carrying each other to go beyond what mom allowed, to shine brighter than anyone has ever seen you shine.

My sexuality is my power. My gift. My love.


Of course, if I'm saying this to anyone at all, it is mainly to myself. No one told me I'm too much. It's me who keeps on stumbling on layers of doubt, now and then.

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