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What does it mean to love wildly?

Loving Wildly

In the back of my heart is a dark, hidden place. It was protected from the outside for far too long.

As rays of light break through the once so intense shadow a little girl smiles.

This little girl is innocent, raw and light. Like a feather. Angel white.

And her love is bold and shameless. Effortless.

There’s no limit to her love.

She just spreads it all over and sees the beauty in whoever crosses her path.

Her love is formless and yet, has many forms as it has a different flavor with each and every one.

She just doesn’t understand why some respond with fear or stories of what it means when she expresses her love fiercely.

She doesn’t understand the fixed ideas of what love should look like and why some can’t simply receive it or return it.

It hurts to be misunderstood.

The little girl ended up confused and puzzled why some took her love and did not respect it for what it was.

It’s when I met her again recently that I felt the pain in the back of my heart as the burst of love that wants to flow, more than ever before.

Now we are both holding each other’s hand and decided to take a risk: to love wildly again.

Loving wildly and living fully, loving souls and loving hearts, loving humans and loving things.

It’s being passionate and following aliveness.

All with the risk of judgement, of it sometimes being unreturned, of being rejected.

With the risk of maybe scaring people who bring all kinds of meanings to it, and the risk of loving

and falling in love

and freaking out because we didn’t know we could feel so much.

What does it mean to love wildly?

What does love feel like when it’s free from any limitations of what it should look like?

Free from the fear of rejection or not being returned?

Free from the pain of being misunderstood?

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