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To Be That Person For You

If you're a little bit like me, relationships help you grow as a person

and heal your wounds.

It's just that sometimes we get stuck in co-dependency,

one triggering the other triggering the other, and it leads nowhere.

Maybe it feels like you have a bigger challenge that longs for more dedicated attention.

Or you feel alone and don't know how to move forward.

I am offering to be that person for you with who

you can try something new to step out of old patterns.

With who you can potentially f*ck up and try again.

Since we don't have shared baggage and I can set my own shit aside.

We can create a different context together

that allows you to explore intimacy in a different way.

I'd like to be that person who has the practice,

tools and care to be there with you

in the nervousness, in the fire, in the newness.

I want you to leave feeling more confident,

feeling more trust in your relationship skills and

more capable to have the fulfilling pleasure life you long for.

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