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Feel Free To Get Wet & Hard

Arousal as integrative tool.

A few ways to describe what 'arousal' is for me are:

  • an excitement for life,

  • a part of me that wakes up,

  • a spark of aliveness that creates more flow.

I'd say it's life's magic spark to create more wholeness, because it helps integrate qualities in myself that have been hidden. When there's a strong (sexual) attraction to someone, it might very well be because that connection blows life into certain traits in myself. The spark enables me to integrate 'me who feels beautiful', my innocense, a stronger sense of surrender, or qualities of leadership, f.e.

What am I more able to embody when I am with him? How do I feel with this person? What part of myself wakes up when I am with her?

It's a tool to embody the parts of us that (secretely) enjoy or benefit from 'what is wrong'.

Kink is a permitted and consensual way to allow arousal and pleasure in restriction, pain, hurting or overpowering. We are made to live the full human experience. Maybe you enjoy horror and war movies, or like playing fighting video games?

Any situation, however much considered wrong or bad, can give us pleasure. As long as - ultimately - there is a sense of freedom and choice.

In neuroscience we call fight or flight 'hyper-arousal', simply to say that there is a lot of aliveness to make an action with. The same state but this time with a sense of safety within ourselves would be called excitement or motivation.

Arousal is a turn-on of energy to act, to create.

Often, it's when this flow can't move that we get all tensed up.

Power or excitement that are held in, get to be experienced as stress or pain in the body.

Arousal is the doorway to allow more life flow.

We all have a fluctuating baseline of arousal: your joy of life.

Sexual expression is one way of re-enflaming the passion within.

Ever noticed that in periods where you felt well-fucked by yourself or with someone else,


  • felt more inspired?

  • took easier initiative?

  • felt stronger?

  • radiate and overflow?

Darling, you are free to get wet when you receive a new opportunity.

Come when someone tells you " don't come".

Be turned on by being in someone else's presence.

Get off on the fantasy that your partner just takes you carelessly.

Masturbate on your wild dreams and future visions.


Two spots are open for a 1-on-1 trajectory.

Reach out if you are curious to work with me.

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