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You Are All Yours

You are yours. You are allowed to shamelessly give sound

to the joy of being you. Its revelry lies right at your feet, ready to be breathed in, ready to be received by you. You can let the internal movements of your unstoppable aliveness guide your hands in their sacred carress. Welcome yourself with a voice that simply knows what feels good. Embrace the purest pleasure of being alive with your touch. You are the queen. You are the king. You sense, you deeply care. Claim this universe of sensations inside of you that's yours to take in. Can you receive as much of the inner beauty as I see radiates from you to the outer world? Allow yourself to be moved from a sense of adoration for this being that is you. How is it to celebrate life with your body? Breathe the bliss you are, my dear. There's no one else who can access your golden core. There's no one else who can breathe you this well. This is for you.

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