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As an elemental being

Mother Earth, my body is a part of you. I feel your warm, dark energy en my body supporting on you. I enjoy your fruits and honor my body with your soft honey. Thank you, for all the magical tasts, for your nurturance. Thank you, for the healing we can find in all that you give.

Sweet Air, I still feel the immense force of that first time I openend my lungs for you. You are in my life, continuously, as a constant stream, non-stop. Mmm, Air, I allow you and I invite your healing. You give me voice and expression. Thank you, for supporting me in challenges and always being there in pleasure and lightness. Cleansing Water, you flow through me and you flow through Earth. I feel you in my cycle, I feel you in my sensuality. I feel your purification. I drink you, I sweat you, I share you with the fertile ground. My body is one of your many oceans and seas, my veins are one of your many rivers and canals. Thank you, for helping me release. In tears you take away what is too heavy, in tears you sprinkle around my joy. Holy Fire, I love your warmth, your passion, your driving force. I can feel you burn inside of me. It’s you who is giving me courage, hope, perseverance and lust. You make me growl and fight. You move me and drive me. It’s your splendor that always keeps me going. I honor you. (Inspired by a sweatlodge ceremony ’18)

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