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Interview With Jane Bennett On Cycle Awareness (Video)

Do you prefer listening? Check out the podcast episode.

Jane Bennett is author of several books like 'The Pill, Are You Sure It's For You?', 'About Bloody Time' and 'A Blessing Not A Curse'. With the Chalice Foundation she plays an important role in creating a positive menstrual culture, bringing awareness and information about fertility and the female body wherever that is needed.

In this interview you'll learn more about:

- the first step you can take when suffering from PMS or PMDD;

- how to navigate irregular cycles;

- cycle tracking in peri-menopause;

- the considerations in taking hormonal birth control (from a young age);

- fertility awareness as a natural birth control tool as well as a personal development tool;

- what if you're scared to get off the pill;

- how might a world look like where the cycle is fully integrated?

Learn more about the 7-week Live Course: Menstrual Magic.

Or find more resources on Natural Fertility Management.

I might receive a little percentage depending on the product you buy.

And more on Jane's work:​ (for young girls and their mother or carer)​ (non-profit for Celebration Day For Girls with lots of free content for you to explore)

I hope you enjoy the talk!

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