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As your intimacy coach...

In my intimacy coaching sessions, I don't promise you intimate touch. What you get with guarantee is my full presence and committed time.

I don't promise any particular type of inner experience. That is something I can't control in any case. What I do give you is a space to explore yourself in relation to yourself and another. The difference with your day-to-day connections is that I will in that moment set aside my own stuff that needs attention. So you can truly discover more about yourself.

I don't promise you my body. In any way. More so, recently I got reminded again of how my honesty about my boundaries is part of the great value. One of my gifts is having a strong attunement to my own body. I'll go in the pace that feels right for me and the slowing down feels surprisingly rich for most people.

You get to experience me as a loving mirror. Sometimes there is a hygienic reason or a particular way of acting that stands in the way for me to come closer to you, and I'll be the one to tell you. Because no one else might have told you transparently and with compassion at the same time, and it might be affecting your other relationships.

When we meet in-person for a session, your desires and requests are very welcome. I am a full-on advocate for asking for what you want. I see many people longing for a non-judgemental space where feelings and fantasies can be freely expressed. I believe it's in everyone's favour when we all learn how to relate in a healthy way to our desires. I don't promise you to meet you in all your desires. What I do provide is listening to you and my genuine reply in what it is I can join you in.

Reach out if you'd like a talk about working together.

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