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Slutty me

Sounds bad, doesn't it? The word 'slut' has a rather f*cked up taste in the mouth. We condemned being slutty and so now, I am a bad girl.

My heart is extremely slutty in her loving. The worst. My heart can sometimes open her legs, so to speak, for someone she just met, it's incredible. She smiles being reminded of a special meeting in the past, she's appreciative of anyone who has meant something in her life and just keeps on going with loving new people. Her sluttiness is remarkable. The more people she's with, the more orgasmic my heart feels. She's just doing it with a large amount of people, shamelessly. Sometimes very emotional, with tears or laughter, but no shame. Very. improper.

My vagina is a slut too. Depends when though: there are days where she's very picky and conditional. And well, she can prefer to stay with one person for while. She's for sure surprising in her desires, that is a fact. But yes, my vagina easily falls in love. It can be hard to keep up with her interest here and her curiosity there. She likes to get real, is less of a talker, more of a do-er. I mean, really, she has such a big heart, she would just jump the technician or fantasize about the jogger in the forest. Gosh, she can be so full of trust, surrender and overly romantic. Luckily I also have my mind. Who else would keep me from total ruin?

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