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Untamed, Innocent Baby Love

Unapologetically Feeling Pleasure

Baby Love

Innocent love

I (imagine I) can remember the enormeous love I felt for my mother when I was in her belly.

I can tap into this blissful feeling

when I saw both my parents in front of me.

The pleasure of being heart open.

Untamed and unlimited

in feeling for other beings.

No meaning, no judgements.

No worries, no holding back.

I can reconnect with the pink glasses of my baby being

Unapologetically feeling pleasure

as I drunk from my mothers breast,

as I got picked up and heard my fathers voice vibration in his chest.

With some surrender and breathing I can open up again

to an unbound expression of pure love

for another.

And trusting that love.

No thoughts about it being threatening for others.

No doubt that people can receive it

or will give it back.

Trusting that we can love like we can breathe,

letting air move smoothly from one pair of lungs to another.

Knowing that I don't have the power to take anything that inherently belongs to someone else.

Being utterly convinced that my pleasure and my joy are welcome and natural.

No energy spend on questioning.

My love and my pleasure are babily innocent.

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