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You impact me

Sweet you

No matter what your place is in my life, no matter how short or long our roads are crossing, 

you impact me.

You touch me.

You change me.

Your greatness exposes the parts of me that want to stay small. Your openness exhibits the parts of me that I’ve closed off. I detest you for what I persistently don’t want to see in myself and I envy you for the qualities I haven’t yet dare to reveal to the world.

You invite me to climb higher. You mirror the light when I only see darkness.

I feel your fire when we have a shared passion and sometimes you sing my song when I have lost my own melody.

Every time you hurt me, I’m able to discover another boundary of mine. 

Every time you show your love, you help me see my own beauty.

When you demonstrate your courage, I can feel my own deep longings.

And when you take me to new worlds, I’m able to meet my fears.

As an old friend you can challenge me to not fall back in old patterns. As a stranger, you sometimes let me question who I am.

When I’m with you, I can feel ridiculously uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel like I am too much, sometimes I feel completely invisible.

My body can open, my mouth may spontaneously smile. One time there’s a lump in my throat, another time my eyes tear up.

It’s through you that I get closer to myself. You are my mirror. You show me my blindspots. 

At times in a soft way, on occasion with such intensity that it almost feels destructive.

Sometimes I receive it with love and other times I stubbornly try to keep my eyes closed.

We can take each other by the hand and together journey to new places. 

But we might also get stuck in mountains of resistance and prefer to figure it out for ourselves.

We can walk side by side, or not – both are fine.

But if you are with me, can I be just me, with all that I feel?

And will you be you, as much as you dare?

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