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Your Genitals Need Time To Wake Up

A lover of mine told me that as boys they gave each other the advice to not accept too much genital attention during foreplay, so they could last longer.

That same man was also telling me how much more sensitive his lingam becomes after some slow and attentive touch, before penetration. When he goes straigth to penetration, his genitals feel first only half as much compared to the yummy fireworks of pleasure when he penetrates with an awake lingam.

As a yoni-owner, I can confirm this story.

Most conscious lovers by now know that it is important to wait until the yoni is ready and open to receive.

When I am really wet or open physically because I am fertile or because there was enough anticipation or mental foreplay, it might feel completely okay to have immediate penetration.

However, the first moments of entering won't be as delicious as could be. My yoni is still sleeping, or maybe snoozing...

Our genitals need time to wake up.

There's no right or wrong here.

Sometimes I choose to have the start of penetration just be part of the waking up or the foreplay. And that is an okay choice.

Important for me:

In those moments I want to be even more attuned to my body. Since my vagina is less sensitive, it could be easy to override her signals. She might need slower, or only halfway penetration, to start with.

Same goes for penises. They are sensitive too!

You might have noticed that when there is no wake-up time, your lingam becomes easily irritated because you are less aware of possible friction. Or maybe you easily become oversensitive, possibly adding to premature ejaculation struggles. Your penis might have needs too, just like every vagina.

Our bodies and our genitals,

they are pretty simple and direct in their communication.

If only we learn to listen.

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