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Complete Without You

I am whole without you.

Instead of 'giving myself to you'

I can surrender and open to myself.

We can replace 'making love' by

receiving all the love that is already here, inside of ourselves.

And with every orgasm

my breath can redirect.

All the aliveness that used to feed and nurture

the dreams I had with you

can now fill up my own body.

Yes, I am complete without you.

I can take my own pleasure.

Fill my own cup.

Bring all the love and lust I cultivate

to any other higher cause, and myself.

Yes, I don't need you to

enjoy myself,

love myself,

feel fulfilled.

But gosh, do I treasure

just giving it all.

To you.

Completely dedicating my aliveness

to us.

Bewitching our connection with my bliss.

I am whole. I am complete

with the longings.

And I found so much beauty in these desires I accessed through you.

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