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Your daily love letter

This is a love letter for my best friend, my sister, my co-working partner, my uncle. 

This is written to my lover, my old friend, my client, my housemate’s baby.

This is a letter I wrote to myself.

This is a letter to you.

Because there aren’t enough love letters in the world.

“My love,

You can let go of your armors, of your protection. You are safe, you are home. 

You are welcome, with all that you are, with all that you feel. You are held. 

You are on your way, in your own pace and it shouldn’t be any other way.

There is space to be you, to express yourself, to try, to love, to create, to play. 


you are blooming so beautifully, following your own path. Little by little you start to understand you are already whole, you are complete. No million workshops, no perfect sessions, no other lessons will bring you to what you already are. You came here to embody you and you can follow your guidance system to deepen that process every day again. Your dreams are a light for the world, your power of creation is huge. There is no one like you.

You are here to live, to grow, to expand. 

To be authentic – innocent, raw and pure as you are. No single part of you should be hidden: I want to see your shining energy and warm colors, as well as your ugly jealousy, your doubts, your anger. It is never too much because you can hold yourself as well as you can let yourself be held by others. Honor your emotions, your processes and allow your own dignity in all of it. Let me see you as you are in this very moment, including that what you didn’t accept yet for yourself. Give yourself permission to be. The more you show me of yourself, the more you allow me to fully love you.

My love,

You deserve the sky and the earth and everything in between. You are worth a golden palace and you are beautiful in so many ways. Your life has fully started and so does it every day again. And you decide. Nobody else conducts, you don’t have to undergo, nobody takes you somewhere or ‘does’ your life for you. But oh my, there are so many cheerleaders for you, me being the most loyal one of all. We are standing around you, next to you, behind you. You are surrounded, you are held, you are supported, you are never alone. 

I wish you the relationships, the education, the career, the community, the health and the passions that are real, soft, strong, love-based, grounded, fulfilling and pleasurable.

I wish you joy, healing, an amazing tribe, giggles, courage, power, clarity, peace and a sex life that meets you in your awesomeness. I wish you sweet moments, a feeling of oneness and deep trust. God, I do love you! And yessss, I can’t wait to get to know you even better.”

Deep breath.

Take it in.

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