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Aliveness through tears. If you knew me...

If you really knew me, you’d know … that I feel things intensely and I have a pretty transparent body-wise expression.

Sometimes I’m annoyed by how often I cry. Tears can appear in very different situations. Like when I’m flooded with gratitude, or when I’m feeling touched. I can cry when I’m sad, alone or desperate, also when I feel like the luckiest person in the world or when I'm in pure bliss. This way of releasing comes easily for me. It’s similar to the need to move my body or make sounds, it helps to let my feelings flow through me. Sometimes I’m afraid it will be too much for those closest to me. “There are the tears again,” goes my mind while wishing I was less like this. But, well, I am a feeling person! I love feeling, intensely, it’s a sign I am living fully. When I haven’t cried for days, it’s a sign to me that I might be in a frozen or numb space. Very often I notice I am holding something underneath. I’m stuck in or with something. The opposite is true too. I wouldn’t want to erase any of these beautiful moments. And the tears are part of it. Life moves me. You impact me. I am changed by you. And I keep on flowing.

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