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My vagina talks

I’ve underestimated my vagina for many years.

I didn’t get her advanced language, her sensitivity and her wisdom.

She is giving a really clear picture of her health and well-being

with all these signs I’ve earlier tried to ignore, avoid and dismiss.

I questioned her, damned her and turned my head away when she tried to speak to me.

My yoni is connected to my womb and ovaries so learning to read 

my scent, the fluid and the position of my cervix 

tells me all about my fertility. 

My fertility: my ability to create new life, whether that is a baby, a painting,

a relationship, a workshop, a new project, 

it is the driving life force in my life and I want to know all about it.

By paying close attention, I discovered how much she can feel

and how clearly she communicates her boundaries. She can contract and relax every part of herself independently.

Before anything enters, whether from me or another, she must feel 

safe, seen and heard enough in order to allow and open up.

She felt pain the many times I ignored her.

Even in the way she opens, her readiness to receive, her longing 

to experience pleasure in a physical meeting, there are myriad degrees

in the depth of her blossoming.

Her voice is important in more than only sexual situations.

When I feel welcome and home, my yoni feels soft and warm. 

When I feel (verbally) violated, she can clamp together as if something were pressing painfully inside.

As I am able to listen to the opening and closing of my heart, I can listen to my yoni in that same way.

She can express herself in many ways.

She dances and sings and glows and shines.

When she is treated like a princess, she can light up little fireworks.

Life is better when I listen to my yoni.

Credits to her.

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