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Orgasmic Every Breath

You have let go of any trying. Of any goal.

Attuned to the smallest movement impulse

towards what feels good.

Letting yourself be moved

as life energy permeates every cell of your body

and you open up to bliss entering




Sensuality, rage, eroticism, tears.

Surrender, my love.

Surrender to what moves you from the inside out.

Breathe yourself wide open.

Your body is ready to WAKE UP even more.

Allow yourself to be swelled by your experience.

Take heart to feel every human emotion

so you can enter a blissful freedom.

How can you let yourself be penetrated by life?

Filled up by this breath. And the next.

Entering the art of getting excited by all that is.

Imagine feeling orgasmic waves ripple through you

without even touching yourself.

Your hands moved to a prayer

as tears reaped by the beauty and love you feel within yourself

run down your cheeks.

Moving your chest, feeling your heartbeat

and receiving an overflow of gratitude.

In awe of how delicious every single instant can be

when you simply invite and receive.

Receive what is here, in this moment.

Receive your own gift, your own beauty.

You can feel the tremble,

the shiver,

the vibration of aliveness.

This is your sexual, creative


It is here. Now.

Sweetheart, take a breath.

What if everything you need is already here?

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