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Sensual Awareness: Bliss in the Moment

What if all the pleasure I want to feel, is already right here

ready to be noticed in my body?

Being ON.

My skin is awake, my breath is full and audible.

My vision is lively, whether my eyes are open or closed.

"What if there's nowhere else to get then here?",

is my constant practice.

Over and over,

I can let myself sink into my own bath of sensations.

Coming back to noticing the small details,

another's breath caressing my neck,

a hand on my thigh,

the eye contact.

I'm embracing, I'm celebrating, I'm deeply grateful for that delicious

friction between my legs.

But it's with my full-body awareness that I can receive everything in it's totality

and fall backwards into surrender.

Into bliss.

It's by asking myself again: "What is here now?"

So much. There is so incredibly much, right here already.

My hair tickling my neck,

the vibration of their voice,

my own foot touching my leg.

I know how it is to get into the trip of 'going somewhere' and

getting numb along the way.

It's okay for me to find myself there sometimes

as long as I also know how to slow myself down.

And come back.

What if there is nowhere else to get then here?

Couple making love in the grass
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