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Your Penis Is Sensitive Too

I've met so many men who have some sort of sensitivity on their penis. It might be a badly healed circumcision, a short foreskin that can't be pulled to much down or easily irritated skin at the glanse, to name a few. I've noticed that often it's considered as a condition exceptional to their genitals. There is the assumption that most penises are 'just normal' and mine happens to have this singularity. Most people don't share about their intimate parts with each other. And if they do, it'll more likely be about what works well. Fact is that regardless of the anatomical condition, most of them say that it hurts just sometimes. What if we looked at it as your penis' signal that you need more attunement? Could your 'little flaw' be your parameter for how well you are listening to your body? What if your penis is as sensitive as a vagina? Most vagina-owners have at least once experienced painful intercourse. We know that we need to have a sense of safety and trust, that there's a need for enough lubrication and enough time to warm up. It is not different for lingams. You can open up the conversation with your dear lingam. He might have a lot to say to you.

#Yourpenisissensitivetoo #Happygenitals #Intimatebreath #Sensitive #Lingam #Circumcision Reach out if you are interested in working together.

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